Chicago: Girls Weekend with Da Bers

One of my best gals Val and I were reunited this past weekend. She has a killer job in downtown Chicago and she's always moving on the up and up and up. I'm in Kansas City, She's in Chicago, and our other trio part Hannah, as of now is in Biloxi, MS. We are constantly traveling to see each other. Around the holidays they are usually both back at home here in Kansas City and it just turns into High School all over again. We leave right where we left off and in no time we're all caught up on what's new. No matter how far physically we are from one another, forever friends are never too far from home.

Some more good times added to the memory bank. Already planning my Summer trip back.

Thought I would end this post with a good ole drunken wedding proposal that I caught on the plane back home. I had been eying this couple at the airport bar getting all kinds of wasted for nearly two hours. I even had to help the "soon to be bride" up off the ground when she stumbled over on the jetway! I should have given her a business card on the way out; that's a wedding I would not want to miss! The Alicia Keys song choice threw me for a loop... Way to end a trip. Enjoy!

Until next time Peace. Love. Pictures.
— your photog