The days are getting longer... sort of

Like the rest of you I am completely over this Winter. Although, it has been ridiculously mild I am done. Cabin fever has got the best of me and I am ready to be outside shooting pictures, doing yard work, going fishing, anything that doesn't involve being stuck indoors...

So in order to kill some time in the past month I have been catching up on some past due reading:

#1 "A Killing at Cotton Hill" by: Terry Shames - I like to read mysteries every once in a blue moon, this was followed by the sequel...

#2 "The Last Death of Jack Harbin" by: Terry Shames - Just as good as the first

#3 "Coming Clean" by: Kimberly Rae Miller - If you like watching the "Hoarders" show, you'll enjoy this one... it was so so

and... MY FAVORITE.... #4 "Wild" by: Cheryl Strayed - I read this book in several hours. Couldn't, wouldn't put it down. DO NOT SEE THE MOVIE until you read the book. Reese Witherspoon just kicks serious Pacific Coast Trail Hiking A$$.

Until next time my friends. Peace. Love. Pictures.