New Orleans and Old Friends...

This past weekend I had a "free weekend" to meet up with some friends down south. They live in Biloxi, MS, but we traveled down to the swamp lands of Louisiana to tackle some gators and do a little craw-fish diving. {kind of stretchin the truth there...} We might have not tackled gators, but we saw plenty of action on Bourbon Street.


I think gator tacklin would've been safer than certain areas we walked! I definitely found New Orleans one of the most entertaining places I have ever been.

St. Peters was where we grabbed some of the local craw-fish at the Fresh Market on the balcony, and got to watch a show below us.

Unfortunately, I had to leave my southern twang down south, but I got to take these pictures home instead.

I will leave you with one of my favorites...

Already planning for a Summer trip to go back! Hope ya'll have a great week! Until next time.