San Francisco

This past week Mr. Seymour and I decided to head out West to not-so-sunny California and venture the winding roads and scenic views. We landed in Oakland where I soon realized it was the actual "Home of the Raiders". {not much surprise here since I'm not much of an ESPNer}

With bags in tow we drove along the bridges of San Fran and landed at our small humble adobe where we would call home for the next couple of days.

Here's our list of things to you HAVE to do:

  1. Stand at Alamo Park and see the view of the "Painted Ladies" and downtown
  2. Take a quick pic of the actual Full House {this was on the bucket list}
  3. Drive down Lombard St.
  4. Drive the roads of the car racing scenes from the movie, "Bullitt"
  5. Stand like a local on the outside of a trolley
  6. Eat at Pier 39
  7. Check out Chrissy Field near Golden Gate Bridge
  8. Devour the roasted brussel sprouts from the restaurant Social Kitchen and Brewery
  9. Segway it through Golden Gate Park {where you can spend a whole day}

If we would've had more time Alcatraz would be a must.

From there, we drove down the 101 and stopped in Santa Cruz to visit Delaveaga Park where Mr. Seymour could hit up a few Disc Golf Baskets and I could practice... again and again and again.


We ended that last few days in Monterrey to play golf, check out some wineries and indulge in a few adult beverages.

Spring break only gets better with age.


Until next time. Peace. Love. Pictures.
— your photog