Roughin It At Hobie Cove

The sun finally decided to come out and the gang was long over due for some outdoor fun.

We came from all directions and met up at Hobie Cove.

Don't let the Mini Coop fool you, she might be Mini but the gal can hold her own.

Roxy Rae was pumped, the cooler was stocked with ice and the kayak was loaded. Tents were thrown up and cars were quickly emptied.

Games were out, adult beverages were sipped, and little Miss Harper was supervising.

A few hours later it was nap time for Little Miss and a couple others who played a little too hard.

When your friends are professional chefs the guilt of not cooking DID NOT sit in. Leave it to the pros, I'll just sit back and watch.

The food was devoured and the drinks were iced up...

The lake was rising from the rain up north and tents were moved to higher ground.

This was done twice :)

Finally the sun was going down and we were in need of some firewood. Thank goodness some of us are tree huggers and others are tree climbers.

We united together.

We all are busy surviving life, but its nice getting together and picking up where we all left off.

Another great ending to an eventful weekend with the best of friends.

Until next time. Peace. Love. Pictures.
— your photog