Packed, Strapped, and Hittin the Road

We all need a break from time to time.

Well THANK YOU Mother Nature!

It's nice having a weather permitting job :)

She has been dousing us with rain so much I decided to take it as an opportunity to get out of town this past weekend.

I packed one pair of shorts, 2 shirts, a swimsuit, threw on some flip flops, and left the hairbrush and makeup at home. The kayak was strapped, Roxy Rae aka WiggleButt hopped in and we were just two old ladies headed West.

20 miles in WiggleButt was snoring and my Pandora stations were no where to be found. It was just going to be me, the open road, and my dusty Blues Travelers CD for the next two hours.

I was able to take my sweet time and take some photos along the way.

I was headed to a small town called Onaga. My family owns some land there and my cousins and I used to be frequent visitors many years ago. I've been in love with this town ever since I was 17. Its home away from home and everything seems to slow down a bit. The lack of cell phone reception is a perk. 

My Uncle owns a "hunting shack" in town. It's the best 400 square feet of house a gal can have. It has a window unit, a space heater, running water, hot water, a tv with 3 analog channels, and a VHS player. Yes, I said V-H-S.

My Uncle had left there earlier that morning. He left the hot water running and what was left of his evaporated milk from breakfast for WiggleButt


I unpacked what little we had, ran to the store and grabbed some cereal and apples for the next two days. We hopped back in and headed north to the lake.

The water was cold but it would have to take a lot more than that in order to stop me.

Rox chased some rabbits, and ended up getting worn out and decided to tan on the dock. She doesn't realize those white spots aren't going anywhere.

We packed up a few hours later and went for the gravel roads and low water bridges.  

Later that evening a couple of friends dropped in. We had a couple of adult beverages, ate some tacos, and enjoyed many laughs outdoors.

{since we all couldn't fit inside}.

Some more good times were had. Thanks again Onaga.

Until next time. Peace. Love. Pictures.
— your photog