Tuesday from an Iphone

Its Tuesday. Nothing ever special goes on on Tuesdays. They are in between hellacious Mondays and Hump Day Wednesdays. I like Tuesdays. They're ordinary, uncomplicated, and effortless.

So here we go:

Wakey Wakey its 6:05am

Brush yo teeth. Moisturize. Flinstone-it-up. Head out the door.

Drop the little one off at the shop; instant guilt trip.

Make a quick pit stop.

Go work on some dance moves at the local senior center.

Get my bookwork on back at the shop. Papa Bear gets me caught up on political affairs, the daily news, and I get to hear about the lucky guy who pissed him off today. All the while, Roxy Rae hasn't moved.

Fill her back up and crank up the tunes.

Say hi to Bart and Patty from Overland Photo Supply. Watch them deplete my bank account. Good job guys!

Head to the studio, finally eat something. Munch on meatless protein and brew up a third batch :)

Open my bag of tax write offs, and realize that in "Gary Fong's" world plastic flash tubes cost $59.95. Darn you Gary.

Edit. Reply to emails. Return calls. Realize its already 2:30.

Get ready for a shoot.

But first, just another swig of the hot stuff.

Snap, Snap away for a couple of hours.

At 9;15pm, I realize this is the closest thing to dinner and a movie that I'm going to get.

10PM, Just remembered to setup the studio for tomorrow.

Have a great day! I'm out. 

Until next time. Peace. Love. Pictures.
— your photog