Succulent Junkie

I'm not much of an indoor plant person, the reason simply being is that I kill them.

However, succulents, aka cacti, are much more forgiving. Sometimes I  remember they need water too.

BAM! You gotta plant that isn't wilting away.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the Fall pumpkins and gourds were rotting on the mantle. :) No Joke.

It was a nasty mess. They had been up there so long that I just figured why not just keep them up till this Fall...

Nope. Didn't happen. They were full of fungi.

This picture was taken after I tossed the pumpkins out.

So, I decided to hop in the car and take a little trip down the road to a place that I go often. Home Depot. I picked up some succulents, gravel, dirt, and I was out the door.

Took my jars down. Cleaned em up. and started planting.

During this little episode I learned that gravel rock should NOT go into the garbage disposal :)

Since Big Daddy D doesn't read my blog, then I feel that we don't need to go and tell him the REAL reason why he had to replace it later that day... Capisce?

After all said and done... my $30 revamp, excluding the garbage disposal, was quick and easy {again, excluding the garbage disposal}

There was no more rotting carcasses on the mantle except good ole Leroy the Longhorn.

Until next time. Peace. Love. Pictures.
— your photog