Little Boys and Big Messes

He greeted me with open arms and a wide smile of pearly whites. With Pjs on he grabbed my hand to show his Aunt Rae Rae his room. {This is demanded to anyone who walks through the front door}. He plopped on his mattress so I could tickle him up and down and finally receive my hugs and kisses. The toy trucks and cars were quickly dished out on the floor into a messy pile where we "vroomed" and smashed them into one another. It must've been snack time because he then led me to the kitchen where he begged for "ba-bites" and milk. Little did he know he led me to a 2 year-olds nirvana where soon flour would be thrown, sugar would be devoured and messes would be made...

Jaxon sort of realizes that he is going to be a big brother. With one more week of anticipation his little sister Addilyn Hope will be greeted and overwhelmed with love. The little guy is going to go through some big adjustments this year, like learning how to share and realizing there is someone smaller than him. I have photographed Jax from day one and wanted to do a little something special in honor of his last week as an only child. He is the closest thing I will ever have to being the "Fun Aunt".

He's 2. He's perfect. He's mine.

Until next time. Peace. Love. Pictures.
— your photog