2015 has been an awesome year. It was a fresh start in so many ways from re-branding the photo biz, gaining new networks, traveling, meeting new clients, new friends, to eventually meeting my bearded gentleman that has me smiling from ear to ear.

Don't get me wrong not everything was butterflies and rainbows, but even the "not-so-good" moments were bittersweet.

Recently, my family's shop had burnt down. We watched it explode and burn to a crisp. It had quickly put everything into perspective... We were just grateful we all had each other and that everyone was okay.

Things can be replaced; they're just things.

It was a blow where we all came together, brushed it off and started getting back to work.

Speaking of family, this year the fam gained two new members to the crew, and I'm glad to announce another little cousin is on the way.

NYE is also my "burfday".

The leap from 27 to 28.

Many people think, "Oh wow! That's awesome! Always a party!

And yea that might be true, however, when you're trying to embrace your last night of being "young" with an eventful evening/night of great food, dancing, and a couple of adult beverages with friends; the next morning slaps you in the face with another year of seniority and New Years resolutions...


I am grateful that my best friend shares this problem with me...  and we've learned to never spend it apart.

Its been a good age, but have noticed some things changing...

I haven't started growing chest hair and my voice hasn't lowered... yet.


But, I've noticed some little lines at the edge of my eyes, a couple of sunspots on my forehead,


{drum roll please}

that grey hair that mysteriously popped up and glared back at me in the mirror! I'm not going to lie, I freaked! It didn't help that I was on a date and stuck in the bathroom for 15 minutes while I plucked out 5 more of those little guys!

the next day I booked all my hair appointments for the following year... On. It.

Now, I see those lines and know that its from smiling. The sun spots are from being outdoors where I love to be the most, and that little grey hair is just from working hard, and loving what I do.

27 has been the best year yet, and I'm really looking forward to 28 upping the ante.

I hope ya'll have a wonderful NYE and I'll see you in 2016.

I'll leave you with a pic of two old grey haired hood rats.

Until next time. Peace. Love. Pictures.
— your photog