Colorado Views and Family Ties

My cousin Abbie and I started our venture out West on a muggy Friday evening to the nearest watering hole called Onaga, KS. Our first pit stop was at the Pottawatomie County Fair where we had every intention of going, but stayed three blocks away and socialized with the locals instead. The next morning we picked up hitchhiker Railroadin' Rob and cranked the tunes.

Our second stop was at Rob's brother's house on the Colorado border.

We caught up on the latest gossip, then loaded the 12 gauge to shoot some pesky clay pigeons.

After Rob's oldest niece, Miss Annie Oakley, showed us how a real sharpshooter aims we took note and then I grabbed my camera for some family photos. I must say that I had much better luck shooting with my Canon over the Beretta.

A few miles down south was the Wallace County Fair so we all hopped in the buggy and headed for the carnival rides and cotton candy.

Once all the rides were ridden, tickets were used and the Tums were equally dispensed we jumped back in and headed North for a slumber party at the local Comfort Inn.

The next morning we woke and headed for the Mountains.

I was on my best behavior to Crested Butte and was allowed one hour of front seat time, all the while hoping to gain some "driving time" along the way...

As Abbie was teaching me her ways of "driving cautiously" I was snapping away from the car window and nodding my head in agreement.

Soon after a close near death head on collision me and Railroad Rob quickly did some front/backseat switchin.

We did however, make it safely to the Grand Lodge of Crested Butte where the next three days were pure bliss. Rapids were rafted, hikes were hiked, shopping was shopped, hot tubs were used and a couple of adult beverages were consumed every now and then.

I didn't want to leave... ever.

So I am coming up with the idea of becoming a "Personal Hiker/Rafter/Skiier/Adventurer Photographer". You can rent me for the day and I will gladly follow you around with a GoPro attached to my head.

The trip went on once again. We backtracked through Gunnison and started southwest through Telluride and landed in Anasazi territory called Cortez.

We met up with the family and good times were had by all.

Unfortunately, we had to say our goodbyes and head to the flatlands. The 17 hour drive was driven, Tums were dispensed once again and some more memories were made.

Colorado, you truly are Colorful.

Here's a clip from the trip.

Until next time. Peace. Love. Pictures.
— your photog